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Radford woman accuses Salem man of Hacking 


Salem, Va. Nov 2016 ~ Staff ~ Photo Public FaceBook New River Valley Home Builders Association Bonnie Lyons Facebook

In a world of technology and social media addictions you never know who is "following" you, a term that FaceBook uses that allows someone to follow and see everything you post in some cases. Bonnie Lyons of Radford, (pictured) also known as Shulkin Pelkey, or Bonnie Pelkey told state police that a man she dated off and on over the last year had hacked her personal information.  The accused man who we will call Rusty, wishes to remain anonymous at this time, for obvious reasons, is concerned that anybody can accuse you of a crime and even if proven innocent or the accusation is totally unfounded, there is a record.  This record can be accessed by government, law enforcement and other agencies when security clearances are needed for job applications and access to high security areas, something that is a critical part of Rusty’s everyday job.

She fled Vermont a few years ago, with one of her two children alleging a single instance of abuse from her husband. No charges were filed with authorities.  Rusty says Bonnie Lyons suffers from psychological and mental illnesses and at one time was unable to work because they were so serious. She currently seeks treatments and counseling weekly.  He further adds that she is very quick to judge, has a revengeful temper and can be a very deceiving and secretive person.  He stated that  “she’s the type of person that has to call and tell you she gave away the flowers you just sent her.”   He recently found out that during the time when they were in a relationship she was communicating with numerous other men, and would make up stories or use irrational obscured reasons to initiate a disagreement so she would not have to speak to him for a few days, to get away, or say she was meeting girl friends to cover her tracks.  Rusty recalls a weekend when they went camping and the following week on Wednesday she told him she was having a “delayed reaction to something he did while camping” and no longer wanted to see him.  Rusty inquired further to find out she did not like his use of smokeless tobacco one evening around the camp site.  Rusty said they did not speak until the following week, but he found out that weekend she had an annual boating date / reunion  with a Roanoke man named Brian Bongard, who she admitted later to have had casual sex with.  The following week she had some kind of skin irritation and was eventually tested for a STD that returned a positive result.   Rusty also stated that they could never talk when she was out of town, only text, there was always some reason at that moment, something he thought was very strange and lead him to become untrusting of her.  He told of another  time when she was going to California for work, combined with a few days with an old girlfriend.  Rusty says he took her to the airport and they never spoke to each other the entire week she was there, only short text, with reasons why they could not talk.  The 2 weeks prior she had contact with an old high school boyfriend who is married and lives in LA where she was staying. Rusty says she admitted to having extra marital affairs when she was married prior, within the first 2 years of her marriage and admitted that she was also seeing and communicating with a married man currently in Boston named David, among others, she called them "Fantasy Men".  Rusty feels that his decision to slowly move away from the relationship may have been the reason for the accusation and Ms Lyons involving the state police in an attempt to harm or cause problems for him professionally and as a form of revenge.  He said "she went to the state police and in a threatening manner told me about it at a later date. "

Ms Lyons is employed by Ferguson of Blacksburg a plumbing and lighting retailer where she works as a floor sales person.  Rusty also notes that she had problems at the workplace possibly resulting from her improper conduct with a female employee’s husband. Rusty says when he asked her what the problem was she replied. “I don't know, maybe I got a little to friendly with her husband. “  This female no longer works for Ferguson.  Rusty says she would say things like " I think I'm going to become a prostitute to help pay off some of my debt."  These types of statements, irrational behavior and decision making were common Rusty exclaimed.

Rusty also told us that she was always very concerned and talked about how she was perceived and her status in the community.   Her involvement in Blacksburg Junior  Woman’s Club and volunteering for WLC ( Woman Leaders Connect ) a social woman’s group in Montgomery County, that works with the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, that helps motivate women in business,  was very important to her, or Rusty feels now she may have used that as just another excuse to disappear for hours.  Rusty also noted that Bonnie Lyons falsified WLC ( Woman  Leaders Connect of Blacksburg ) records and retained products and services that were donated from local businesses as door prizes at an event hosted by the Montgomery  County Chamber of Commerce, for her personal benefit, and says that anyone who has professional dealings or business with WLC and her or her alone should use caution.

For the record State Police could not find any evidence after running test and hacking detection software on Bonnie Lyons phone and or computer.  Rusty says “False allegations to authorities should be treated as a crime and the person making them should be held accountable. I hope informing others of the viscous nature and revengeful actions of this woman may help someone else or a business from being hurt or taken advantage of possibly financially.  After knowing this woman for a year and a half, I can say she plans her deceptions very carefully, tells half truths and knowingly, under the watchful eyes of her co-workers and WLC friends, goes the extra mile to deceive them”.  Rusty also notes, "organizations like WLC ( Woman Leaders Connect  ) and others should have an accountable screening process and take a little closer look at those individuals they allow as volunteers and to represent there organizations in the business community and to the general public.  Bonnie Lyons also has two different online dating profiles on the dating site MATCH Carousel626 and Carousel510.


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